Bubble Ruminations

February 10, 2017



Bubbles mean many things to different people and we can't even begin to scratch the surface of those meanings but they certainly include:


- Soap bubbles you blow during the Summer as a kid (and hopefully as an adult as well).

- "Bubbles", my mother's familial nickname (my family wishes it applied to me!).

- Economic Bubbles in the stock or housing market (is the Bay Area in one waiting to burst?).

- For astronomers, the Bubble Nebula (evidently part of the Ring Nebula - who knew?).

- An interpersonal space, as in "retreating into you own bubble" (worth doing now and then).


All fine and dandy meanings to the word but ... 



Bubbles means Champagne 

- or other sparkling wines, no need to quibble!


After all 

- We use them to toast the beginning of a year,                 somebody's birthday or their award.  

- We break them over the prows of our ships - you have     one don't you?)

- We shake them up and spray them over everybody in       the locker room after winning a Super Duper World         Series Stanley Cup Finals Olympics Bowl. 

- We drink them in Summer

- We drink them in Winter

- We drink them White, Pink and Red

- Many will drinking them soon

- I seem to be drinking them all the time (they've taken     over for Rosè) which makes my wife happy because       when I'm feeling bubbly she gets a bit as well  ;)


If you don't like them you perhaps aren't doing it right?


We can help - with a great selection of inexpensive Bubbles ranging from $8-$20 as well as fancier versions and ones in big (double and quadruple) bottles.  Just come on in and we'll walk you through some options.


On a final note, you should also keep in mind that it is well worthwhile to put a couple of good bottles aside for a year, two or more.  Good Champagne or Sparkling Wine ages beautifully and you'll thank yourself in the future even in you don't win a Bowl, the market crashes or space entities invade Earth from the Bubble Nebula.

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