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Signs of His Times

Signs of His Times


I have to say that I've been somewhat remiss in not mentioning something that I'm sure many have noticed during your forays into the shop over the last six months or more:

Signs have seemingly sprouted up everywhere on our floor.

They're like mushrooms after a rain or perhaps more like hummingbirds upon a flower signaling that life, as well as wine, is an ambrosia for the taking.

Where have they all come from you may ask? Well, for over 15 years I hand scribbled notes on wines but never enough of them, and few were legible, so early last year I tasked Brandon with doing better.

It took a little while for us to settle on a size and format to keep using and then some track for Brandon to build up a full head of steam

on the project. That said, over time he has turned into a

Mighty Locomotive of Vinous Font

Part of that was his ability to devote time to crafting the flowery descriptions on the signs. He now has more time for that given his commitment to the shop. Even more important is his ever increasing knowledge of the wines on our floor and in general. Nowadays he has tasted virtually every new wine we bring in, and the majority of everything else on the floor as well. His experiences participating in our tastings with vendors and winemakers as well as trade events over time have added important information and depth of understanding to go along with his

WSET Level 2 Sommelier Certification with Merit.


That sign, by the way hangs near the register at the front of the shop.

However, I know that may be more interested in the hundreds of signs on the floor as you peruse what we have on hand, think of more questions to ask of us as well as what might work with dinner, a party, or perhaps just to accompany a toast to somebody.


May I suggest a small one to Brandon?


After all, he loves mushrooms in the wild and in his meals, he keeps chugging away on sign production and he flits here, there and everywhere like a hummingbird with an endless supply of nectar, energy and, as I'm well aware after 31 years, WORDS!


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