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Wine Club

(the monthly box)

Our monthly wine club is a selection of six wines which come with descriptions for approximately $75 each month.


Two of the choices are always obvious big hits from our weekly wine tastings.  Sometimes there is a theme to the club but, most often, the other wines are just wines we feel you'll enjoy. 

Most people join the club because they enjoy exploring new wines and like the diversity represented.  

Nobody is forced to ride a 1978 Moped home with the their wines but you will need to pick them up somehow.  The wines are available the first Wednesday of the month and an email is sent out to remind you that they're available.


There are two options for the club:

6 Red Wines

4 Red Wines + 2 White Wines


If you would like any further information give us a call at 

(510) 547-9463

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