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He's Been Holding Out

What else is down there?

I jetted up to Seattle, as opposed to propellering, to help out my parents for two days. As I was grinding coffee in the basement early this morning (as a much needed break from trying to do meaningful work on a tablet in a house with seemingly no workable computer or WiFi - but I digress) so as not to wake anybody up I found the following:

Pop's been holding out on me!

For all I know other relatives would be snooping around for financial records, but for me, I'm now on a search for wine. After all, if there's an empty bottle of 1949 Algerian wine, that I never heard about down here, there may be other treasures I don't know about!

If you're also looking for some treasures, and want to hold onto most of your's, stop in soon. We ordered a whole bunch of new and interesting wines at reasonable prices and they've been arriving fast and furiously.

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