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Look Who's Here!

It may be hard to tell beneath that mop of hair but it is indeed

my son Brandon.


He's joined the Wine Mine in a semi-permanent (nothing is truly permanent) and part-time role for the moment.

Even so, I’m thrilled to have him officially join my sister and myself in the shop - after 15 years of helping out here and there in high school, college and afterwards.

Brandon has already been working with us, tasting with vendors and helping out with our $2aturdays

(if you don't know about those, come on in between 2-4pm any Saturday for a full glass of the wine of the week for only $2)

Many of you will recognize him from over the years so don't hesitate to say

Hi Brandon!

when you come in - or, what the heck, even if you don’t.

I'll leave you with a picture, that popped up yesterday on my phone from August 2015.

It's from a memorable helicopter ride with Dina Mondavi to her family's vineyards atop Atlas Peak to meet with their long time winemaker Tony Coltrin for education and lunch among the vines.

That was an different, interesting and fun day.

Brandon knows more about wine than he realizes and is adding to his knowledge daily, in the shop and via his wine education online.

So, feel free to mess with him when you come in.


That's all -

Enjoy the our upcoming "true Summer".


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