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Come One, Come All!

Feast your eyes on that!

We sink you'll agree that the above is a lovely addition to our shop - if only because it allows the following:

Our $2 Saturday Tastings are back.


All courtesy of that fine looking $2,600 sink which will now proudly grace our Tasting area. Feel free to ask to use it if you so desire ;)

On Sat June 17th, after 4 months without them, we will be resuming our

Saturday Wine Tastings from 2-4pm*

To celebrate, this first Tasting will start with a full glass of Bubbly before we pour four other wines for you to enjoy.

So, please come join us on the 17th or another Saturday from 2-4:30pm*

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month will be a full tasting of a variety of wines.

Other Saturdays we will feature either one or two wines for you to enjoy for your $2.

(See the * at bottom for a few details)

With the assistance of two politician's offices we were able to get the County Health Department to drop their construction requirements for the back of the shop in order to safely pour wine ($30k+). All related to the washing of our glasses - evidently using a dishwasher, as we had done for 16 years, isn't safe.

So, if in an upcoming election for office you aren't sure whom to vote for please choose

Dan Kalb - our City Councilmember


Keith Carson - our Alameda County Supervisor

The final decision is that we can pour wine using disposable glasses - our suggestion from the outset - but needed a sink in our

"Tasting Room".

Originally the requirement had to be a permanent sink, so that we can wash our hands 30' closer to where we pour.

That would still would have required significant cost but, with the help of our County Inspector, the compromise of a portable sink came about.

Thanks Lisa.

See you soon!

* Following Saturdays will be 2-4pm

- the tables, barrels benches, etc. will be put away at 4:30pm


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