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Black Vines and Wine?

Well yes, ancient grape vines can look black, gnarly...and cool!

However, here I'm referring to the obvious similarity between wine

and black licorice vines.


I know, its' an odd comment but it sprang to mind when I found a pack of licorice in my St. Nicholas boot on 12/6 - look it up: I've always enjoyed it more than Christmas.

You see, as children our parents would often buy licorice around Christmas for inclusion in Christmas Stockings or St. Nick boots the following year. Why would they do this? - well, licorice truly gets better with age, one year - two years, and even three which I speak of from personal knowledge. The flavor changes, texture is different, it becomes chewier, more interesting and just plain satisfying!

Yes Ma'am, just like wine often can. Not every bottle benefits from time but so many, as the 2016 Lumen Grenache we enjoyed recently, do and that's one of the fun things about bottled grape juice.

So, why not age some licorice for next year's holidays (I would like to thank my wife for doing so for me) and consider doing the same with a bottle, or case, of wine as well.

We're happy to suggest some that we think will benefit from the extra time and don't discount the fact that it can change your

drinking experience.

BTW: Champagne is well worth considering laying down as well.

Just ask us for options when you next stop by and David is, of course, happy to consult on licorice options.



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