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We've been lucky because over the last three months (wow!) we've

clearly had and felt your support - truly appreciated!

However, during these troubled times we all know many who have lost jobs or a large portion their income - and have also lost most their faith in our country's ability to successfully and compassionately manage a crisis.

And, oh boy, we've had CRISIS lately.

We've have been lucky to not lose our health or the health and lives of those we

know well. That can't be said for everybody across our community and our nation.

Supporting Others

It's hard to comprehend and accept that even as we slowly start emerging from CovidTime, we're being faced with another crisis across our country touched off by the murder of George Floyd and so many before him:

It is a long stemmed crisis of fundamental inequity to so many people of color

(and the poor and disenfranchised) in our nation.

Many are marching, protesting, voting and otherwise attempting to change our

society and they deserve our attention and support!

This is, of course, a topic much bigger than can be addressed here but we hope that our leaders are listening to the tens of millions giving voice to their dissatisfaction with the status quo in our nation and will work towards a more just society.

We know that the vast majority, if not all, of you share our concern for this nation, including it's under-represented and less privileged members and are showing your support in many ways: including participating in the actions above or devoting time to community organizations to better our world.

One other way to help, of course, is to economically support groups that are advocating for peaceful, but fundamental, changes to the structure of our nation.

To that end, and if you are able to, we encourage you to donate money to organizations of your choice.

We've tried to to support others during these times, with part of that being a weekly donation of $100 to the

Alameda County Food Bank

Recently we decided to redirect (at least temporarily) that weekly donation from the ACCFB to other organizations actively trying to shape the future of

our region and our country.

We encourage you to do the same by supporting an organization you believe in. Among the hundreds of possibilities out there are that you may have not heard of are:

Operation Dignity

supporting Oakland's Homeless

Oakland Rising

Oakland collaboration of charities

Oakland NAACP

addressing inequalities in Oakland

Reclaim the Block

Minneapolis organization promoting

community safety and health


Advocating Freedom, Liberation and Justice


Civil Liberties

The list is huge, but donating to

organizations you already know is, of course,

great as well.

Be Well Stay Safe

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