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Yup - something like that

We know that you may feel like the above is our reality, but it does seem that many of us have settled into some form of a rhythm after five weeks of our glorious "House Arrest".

Even when we don't know what day of the week it is, we know where the coffee maker can be found and where to order wine from.

Also, we seem a bit more relaxed as we complete our daily activities and work, although perhaps that's misinterpreting brain dead for calmness?

Who knows, but an upside has been a smoother, if less social, routine and an ability to finally think about more than daily survival - personal, career, cultural and familial.

One of these thoughts, on our end two weeks ago, was about which charity might really have an impact on many peoples' lives

Right Now

during this delightful Crisis (and beyond).

While many organizations are worthy of consideration we decided to donate $100/week while locked down to the

Alameda Food Bank


We're lucky that we still have jobs - due to your kind support - and know that others out there as fortunate as we are may also be considering how to help out even while stuck at home.

So consider helping with a donation to the Bank or another one of so many deserving organizations helping people in need.

If you're one of the lucky ones, as we are, think about doing so right now before getting caught up in wondering if you forgot to change out of your pajamas and whether you need to do so because it's time for wine.

Of course you don't

Wine in PJ's is fine!

(but not for breakfast)

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