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Oh, hey there ...

It's been many a week since I sent out my last email letting everybody know that my son Brandon joined the store (pic with my father years ago).

There have been comings and goings: Brandon is fast finding his feet here. My father, who had a true wine mine, has left us, which is sad - but it was time after 91 years of a good life. He was tickled when I decided to open a wine shop and always wanted to stop by when visiting Oakland before he and my mother moved here four years ago.

I wish he could have understood that Brandon had joined us as that would have been something he would have loved.

I know that I do.

In other comings and goings vendors stop in and leave, new bottles continue to roll in at higher prices than before (dratted inflation), customers stop by and many have graciously noticed pics of Pop and commented before leaving the shop. Bi-monthly Thursday Tastings have been fun and $2aturday's full glass of wine has been welcomed by many since we introduced that a few months ago.

Speaking of which, stop by tomorrow if you want to practice your French with a Proveçencal Rosé and a Languedoc red blend being poured for $2 each).

September has turned into August - oops, I mean October, full of fog and portending cooler afternoons and evenings, which leads to more red wine consumption than in the last several months. We're subtly tweaking our inventory to accommodate that but don't worry we'll still have plenty of rosé, white and bubbles on hand.

Halloween and soon thereafter Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us.

How can this be. I thought it was mid-summer, how about you?

I guess Time rolls by and Life goes on.


& we thank you for your support.

- David, Elizabeth, Brandon

and Pop.


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