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Double Double Bubbles

Double Double Bubbles,

No Toil, No Trouble


As any reader of these emails knows, I'm no Shakespeare,

or Macbeth for that matter - but I do have Bubbles on hand and near pen and they've been known to turn many a tragedy into a convivial and

mirthful event. 


So we enjoyed Sparkling wines in two Tastings during the Holidays.

A Double Bubble Fest

(read below for more)


After all, if the witches in Macbeth had been lucky enough to have a few bottles of Bubbly on hand I think they would have come to represent something a bit kinder:

Perhaps that would have been

Goodness, Light, Tranquility and Peace

rather than

Evil, Darkness, Chaos and Conflict.


My guess is that such a play would have been quite fun, and a bit closer to one of The Bard's comedies and not the tragedy it is.

Ahhh ... but I hear voices shouting in the Ether that such a thing in itself would be a tragedy!


Ne'er mind, to each their own.


 I shall now go mull on which of Shakespeare's plays is my favorite (my wife would say none despite dragging me to oh so many of them).


  Feel free to come in and let us know your choice.


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