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Word From on High

We had to get up to our water heater above the bathroom this week,

so ...

Word from on High:

David (above): The gods finally deigned to bless our May with a bit of sunshine and warmth, so it's time to break out a bottle of a

best-seller and bask in its glory

(the sun that is, the wine is unpretentious)

- Caves de Pomerol Picpoul de Pinet.

Just $12.50

A white wine in that distinctively tall green bottle.

Delicous, easy and crisp from just hundreds of yards off the shore of the Mediterranean in the Languedoc. Easy to enjoy on its own and also a wine known to pair well with regional shellfish - you can see the oyster beds from the vineyards.

Word from down Below:

Brandon (below): What he said.

People love it - and the price!


That's all the silliness for this week.

Come on in for a bottle, or a different Spring Wine - we have plenty.


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