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In the Thick of It!

Wow - we're still in the thick

of it aren't we?!

Although house arrest was only announced March 16th (props to the Bay Area for being the first in the U.S. to do this), it had been apparent to many of us that this needed to to happen for at least a week.

We certainly expected it here and could see a spike in business the prior Wednesday onwards. What we weren't sure about was whether we would be able to remain open in any form and are glad that we were

allowed to.

We donned the gloves and muzzles on Sunday 3/14 and they haven't come off since. The only reason that is possible is because of your continued support.


Although the shop is open limited hours everything feels decidedly chaotic and takes twice as much time as we scramble to fill pickup and delivery orders for those who want as touchless an option as possible.

Luckily for us, and I dare say for her, longtime fill-in employee Michelle is now helping on a regular basis since she was sent home from her restaurant.

That has helped keep my sanity (and Elizabeth's) since I'm back to putting in the type of hours I did the first 5 years after I opened.

For this I'm grateful!

Just call me


- actually, please don't, as those are three words that I rather dislike.

David will do fine.

So many have lost employment, (hopefully temporarily), lost close contact with loved ones, had their working life changed significantly or even know people who have contracted Covid-19 in the Bay Area or beyond.

So we are among the lucky ones and thankful for the continued health of those we know and are close to.

We're also lucky in that we get to see many of you daily (well, from the nose up) which keeps us sane even as we hear that virtually everyone has a similar unsettled feeling as work, chores, LIFE, takes more time, is more stressful and less fulfilling than before.

Then again, we hear







(all heard in Easter/Spring

colors of course)

This certainly helps our spirits along with those expressing it.

So, hang in there - stay healthy,

stay sane and stay the course

in this unsettling time.


We also recognize that while wine is the least of your concerns - well, perhaps second least - we are here:

Mon-Fri 12-4pm

Sat-Sun 11-3pm

for phone calls Parking Lot Pickup, Purchase or a 6' Consultation at the shop. Email knows no hours so that works as well.

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