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Consuming a Bottle a Day?

Admittedly this title was just to pique your curiosity - today's terminology would be "clickbait" but we're not trying to steal your data or sell you anything ... just give you the option to read a bit about wine if you so choose.

The fact that ancient Romans consumed a bottle of wine a day per person (we hope adult) is mentioned in an article about Pliny the Elder, but is only a small factoid in the Wine Enthusiast piece. For more click below

If you're feeling a bit scientific peruse

The science of the color in wine

Or perhaps something more locally and culturally focused from Esther Mobley in the S.F Chronicle

What does 2004 have to do with wine today?

Hopefully one of them will pique your curiosity and be worth a few minutes of your time.

We would actually read them bottom up - just like a Roman's wine glass!

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