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Sytnthetic Wine?

Esther Mobley recently published an article in the S.F. Chronicle about

Synthetic Wine.

Call us narrow minded but Isn't it bad enough that we have

- synthetic hormones (lots of issues)

- synthetic intelligence (that might be useful if it doesn't destroy us)

- synthetic diamonds (ok, they're indistinguishable from natural ones)

- synthetic flavors (here's looking at you Jolly Ranchers)

So do we really need synthetic wine as well?

The Ludditic (new word) answer to that question is NO - unless they develop synthetic cheese to accompany it on a synthetic deck on a synthetic summer evening - then sign us up!

We understand some of the reasons people might have to actually create wine, and have no doubt that it will be done. Perhaps it be all that tourists drink while shuttling to Jupiter for a Ring Bath in the next century.

However, we believe the real thing will continue to be vastly preferable for the near future.

If you agree with any of these sentiments feel free to join us for entirely un-syntheti tastings every Saturday from 2-5pm, just $1 to try five wines.

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