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Unchain It !

Unlock the Potential!

Unchain an example of this former High Flyer, gone Bad Boy, and take it home.

It has been tried, and convicted, of being guilty of impersonating The Prisoner - a very well known red blend from Orin Swift Winery - which sells for twice the price.

Apparently this wine strayed from it's moral Centerline leading to temporary lockup in our custody. Luckily the charges were reduced and it was only convicted of a Misdemeanor.

We all benefit from that decision and we think it deserves a second, third and perhaps twelfth chance at redemption - and therefore can be freed through posting a bail of only $17 - well below that of other jurisdictions.

High Flyer.jpg

Just feel that hefty bottle and read the informative label, before before popping the cork to quaff a structured blend of dark berry fruit, spice, integrated notes of high quality oak barrel and general enjoyment.

Almost half Petite Sirah complemented by Syrah, Tempranillo and some Zinfandel.

While basking in the slightly risque appeal of associating with such a character, reflect upon your freedom to enjoy what you want and when you want it - that's a glorious thing.

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