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Helixophile Spotted in Spain!

What is a Helixophile?

Rafael in his Museum of Wine Culture: Briones- La Rioja Spain. Click to visit Vivanco's website in order to plan your trip today!

Answer: Somebody who collects corkscrews and specifically Rafael Vivanco - shown above wearing our T-shirt, with a bottle we would enjoy pouring at a party, in front of a hundreds of corkscrews.

After all, a corkscrew is predicated upon the fact that a Helix (the worm) is able to successfully screw into a wine bottle's cork and pull it out with a minimum of fuss.

Of course corkscrews can be much more than a helix with a handle, as you may be able to tell from the picture above showing Rafael in his family's Museum of Wine Culture in La Rioja Spain. Specifically Rafael, the estate's winemaker, is in the last room of the museum which houses almost 4,000 corkscrews

- now that's a COLLECTION.

The family must love corkscrews if they license a Joan Miró painting

(Le Troubadour) incorporating a corkscrew to use on their wine's label.

I'm sure the rest of the Museum is also worth seeing, and, if lucky, some of us will be able to stop by to visit it and the winery on a visit to Northern Spain.

Rafael, a charming person, was in town during late March and poured us his wines (many of which we've had in the shop before). While doing so he mentioned his hobby and the fact that that he liked our logo. How could we not give him one of our "Pickscrew"

T-shirts and hope that it would be seen at some point in Spain. And so it was.

Perhaps we'll soon have people from that famous wine growing region visiting us in droves after spotting our shirt in the wild. :-)

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