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Delectable Sundries

Delectable Sundries:

Sundries - noun, plural ˈsən-drēz :

"various small things that are not mentioned specifically"

Many are surprised that we have non-wine items on hand here in The Mine.

In fact, we often hear "I didn't know that you had beer!" even though we've had a nice selection of specialty beers and ciders in large bottles for three years now.

Much easier to overlook, due to their small number and because they aren't as obvious as the beer (which lines two walls of the tasting space), are some other sundries you may wish to consider taking home with you at some point.

All of them are here because David likes to do exactly that - and selling them in the shop makes it much easier to do so!!

All, of course, are delicious, or we wouldn't have them here, and priced below what you would pay elsewhere.

By definition Sundries are items not worth naming individually but we're going to anyway:

TCHO Chocolate of Berkeley - Fantastic in either the bars (we have 2-3 types on hand at a time) or the "Baking Discs" (well, more like eating discs but they do provide portion contro!). Only $4.50 and $9

Alfonso Fortunatt White Truffle Oil - The most expensive liquid in the shop at $12 for 1.8oz as well as David's kids favorite pasta accent and also good to use with popcorn, eggs, potatoes, salads and more. Made from true shavings of Italian White Truffles and extra virgin olive oil (unlike many which use a chemical to mimic the flavor.

Lurisia Sparkling Water - from a region known for it's mineral baths (and as a resort destination) high in the Piedmont hills of Italy comes this excellent mineral water. Do a blind taste test with a few others (we did) and we think most will agree this is the one. Just $2

Stutz & Rapitala Olive Oil - A full bodied California Extra Virgin for $14 and a lighter "grassier" organic Italian for $11. Different oils for different dishes.

Wine Country Soda: A delicious, lightly sweet, non-alcoholic sparkling beverage from our friend Patrick right here in Berkeley, $6.50 for 750ml (a wine bottle). Red, White and Pink -we love the Pink Pinot sparkler.

Lurisia sparkling beverage 4 packs - Two different citrus based drinks from Piedmont Italy. Choose from Lemon or Chinotto (an unusual citrus with a bit of bitterness to go along with it's lightly sweet side). $11

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