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Who Knew, Pinot has Powers?

Evidently the Brits did, and Elizabeth just discovered their secret thanks to Metro in the UK. Although she always has thought that a fine Burgundy obviously has Super Powers, she didn't realize that Pinot in general does as well.

Metro's sources aren't mentioned but obviously this isn't Fake News!

Metro goes on to give you choices to purchase in categories such as:

The Player

Marriage Material


Stud Muffin

Evidently in Britain Pinot's magic only works on Women (chalk it up to Pheromones?) but we think it's pretty magical to both sexes.

Therefore we'll pass on coming up with examples for those categories but, if interested, we're happy to suggest something when you come in


for $10 and up and from CA, OR, Italy, NZ or France.

How pinot noir makes you more attractive

(from Metro)

We've all heard of matching wine to food, but pairing a wine to your partner is a new one. Whether you're hooking up with someone new or putting the spice back in the stew, you might now be able to smell your mate in a glass of pinot noir.

Dubbed 'sex in a glass', pinot noir seems to be the miracle answer to the age-old question, 'wouldn't it be great if a drink could make men instantly sexier to women just by smelling it on them?'

Study claims women don't fancy chips in the presence of attractive men

If it tastes good, even better, but surely that's impossible? Not so. Research has shown that pinot noir does just that.

The olfactory bulb, or organ, sits behind our noses and processes smells. Its tiny receptors dangle down into our retro-nasal passage, picking up aromas as we breathe. This is how we smell. This information is fed directly into the brain's frontal lobes, quicker than any other information we process.

The frontal lobes also house emotions, which is why smell triggers strong emotional responses in us.

Now, we've all heard of pheromones, chemicals produced and released by animals, in this case humans, to attract a mate.

Research in the US has uncovered that the pheromones in pinot noir are very similar to those given off by men.

The spice, earth, musk and slightly feral barnyard notes in pinot noir mimic the smell of the male sex pheromone, Androstenone.

So, if you've always dreamed of being the guy in the Lynx ad (other deodorants are available), or of having him as your other half, now you can. Whether you dab it behind your ears or use the more traditional method of sipping it from a glass, it's up to you.

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