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Inalienable Right

After a lovely Thanksgiving weekend which we

sincerely hope you enjoyed (we did) we thought it time to touch on a sensitive subject

- the Holidays!

We realize that various holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.

(should Christmas also have a double letter?

- Christmaas?)

may be on your mind. They certainly are on many retailer's given the songs we've been hearing over the last few days.

Therefore we wanted to let you know that we reserve the right to ignore the Holidays upcoming onslaught for a while longer.

Consider it an unalienable (a slightly archaic and early American spelling) right along with

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Wine!

We suspect this won't distress too many of you but feel free to let us know if it does.

Although we'll be thoroughly stocked between now and New Year's WE WILL NOT be playing any Christmas music for quite a while yet.

In fact, it doesn't go on in the shop until December 23rd which may or may not be one day early ;)

This isn't our inner Scrooge coming out, but rather an aversion to being part of the seasonal overload so many of us dread. Now, the fact that we put up minimal ornaments, and even then only in mid-December, may indeed indicate a certain stinginess or laziness but we hope that you don't hold it against us too much.

Enjoy your December and we'll see you here whenever you need a respite from false cheer - although we also reserve the right to cheerilygreet you at any point in time!

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