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Lucky Guess?

Lucky Guess?

(follow up to Texture post)

You may wish to consider this nothing more than an exercise of patting oneself on the back while swirling liquid around one's mouth and rubbing your belly at the same time.

Not as easily done, we might say, as one may think - best with a nice cheese in front of you to partake in as well!

Then again you could categorize our

comments under

The Tongue Knows

category of your memory.

Last week we were discussing texture in wine (See below under "Texture) and mentioned an Oregonian Pinot as feeling/tasting as if it hadn't been fined/filtered. Unfortunately our vendors didn't notice this and knew nothing about the matter so it was just a guess on our part - but we knew we liked what we think it did for the wine.


Until we received an email from the Ted Gerber, the founder and owner of Foris Wines in Southern Oregon. A college roommate of his (thanks Mike R.) had forwarded along our email and Ted sent us off a very nice personal note confirming our hunch - as well as that long ago, in 1973, he moved from the Bay Area to grow grapes in Oregon and still has a fondness for our area.

We'll certainly try to stop by the next time we're in Southwest Oregon and encourage you to do so as well (click the link below for information).

Foris Wine

The next best thing would be to join our Pinot Noir Tasting tomorrow which will include Ted's bargain Rogue Valley Pinot which led to our "article" along with examples of the Variety from California, Germany, Italy and France.

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