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Sharks & Wine?

Shark What?

Elizabeth is obsessed with Sharks, or at least

Shark Week, but hopes that they don't return the attention. In her words:

"Shark Week!!

To celebrate these phenomenal creatures of the sea I headed out to the beach with an appropriate boogie board which permanently lives in my trunk begging for the opportunity to be unleashed.

While paddling at Muir Beach I thought of all the shark repellent products that have been developed in recent years and how inefficient they are.

Where am I going with this?

Oh yes, at a recent tasting we had a great cool, bright, affordable, snappy summer white from France. It was a Picpoul de Pinet which translates roughly to 'Lip Stinger".

I believe sometimes things should be addressed from the inside out, so next week when I hit the ocean, I will have a bit of Picpoul (at a not so scary $11) and trust that it's lip stinging properties leach into the water. Could it be the next shark deterrent?

Who knows but come on by and Pic up a bottle. If nothing else it tastes great and certainly can't hurt take the edge off Shark Worry during Shark Week.

Here is to Sharks, they are the barometer of our planet's oceans, they travel great distances, and as far as I know they don't like French Wine!

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