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Our Oddest Bestseller Ever

Most of you know that that we have a small but nice selection of beers and ciders (& a bit of Sake) in our tasting area but those who venture sideways into that area sometimes come upon an odd inclusion to the lineup:

Paleokerisio is an Orange Wine (extended skin contact results in coloration from "white" grapes) from Greece and has been a highly unusual bestseller for us over the last year. We used to buy a case of it and that lastet well over a month but we now bring in three at a time and reorder more often than before. Very odd!

We display it with the ciders because it has many characteristics found in those - lightly sparkling, a bit of funky earthiness and a very light sweetness as well.

The winery describes it thusly:

A unique in its kind orange

semi-sparkling and semi-dry wine, which impresses with its distinctive and totally traditional vinification. It is produced from the indigenous white wine grape variety Debina with the addition of a small percentage of the red variety Vlahiko.

It is a special type of wine, which revives the well-known traditional semi-sparkling wine of Ioannina, produced in the past by the locals.

Rich, refreshing and well - balanced with main aromas of apple, butter flavour with a mild oxidation, as well as aromas of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. Aftertaste reminiscent of sweet cherry and refreshing bubbles that highlight the complexity of aromas in every sip.

It's refreshing and fun with low alcohol and a reasonable price ($13). Well worth trying if you ever enjoy Ciders, Orange Wines or just are feeling Greek (which my father in law would approve)!

Give it a try in these early days of Fall - you'll have fun with it.

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