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14H & 48m

14 Hours & 48 Minutes

With Summer now officially here as of yesterday - both by Calendar and Heat Index, its' important to note that you now have almost 15 hours to enjoy your wine during the day (what you do at night is up to you). - Breakfast Wine should probably be kept to a light Mimosa.

- Lunch Wine will obviously be Rosé à la the French. Take a quick Nap and then in the later afternoon...

- Porch Wine (Hobbits would approve) which might be a light Red.

-Dinner Wine will probably be whatever is still in your previously opened bottles but DON'T hesitate to open a bigger Red if needed!

- Dessert Wine is optional with your coffee or tea. And don't forget that we now start losing a couple of minutes of daylight every day, so you will need to adjust your consumption patterns accordingly. However, the days are still certainly long enough for you to consider joining us for one of our Thursday evening Tastings (two per month) which you can sign up for on this website's Tasting page.


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