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Bier Hier

Bier still Hier Yes indeed, more than five years after it left Bier is back at The Wine Mine! I've been mourning the absence of specialty brews for ages (well, five+ years) and was very happy to get some extra space allowing the addition of a nice selection of beers. Also a limited number of Ciders and even a couple of Meads.

Some of you have already noticed that our new tasting area (if you haven't visited since it was created come on in) has been housing a proliferating amount of Beer to go along with our Sparkling wines over $20. The "Bubbles Room" now features about 30 brews from all over the world and that selection will slowly grow to about four dozen. We admit that this isn't a gigantic selection, and consists only of hand picked single bottles and not six packs, but it is fun and delicious. Prices range from about four bucks to north of twenty with the majority being in the eight to fifteen dollar range. They will change over time as we find new things and rotate beers in and out.In addition there is even a bargain mini keg of Belgian Ale.

So, if you're interested in trying a Sweet Stout from Japan (made with milk sugars), Smoke Bier from Germany, an IPA from San Diego, Cider from Normandy France (or one of Pear Apple and Quince from here in CA), Belgian beers of all sorts, brew from Denmark and Switzerland, Barrel aged beer from Maine, English Porter, Icelandic Smoked Stout ... you get the point... take a look.So, prime your Stein* and take one home. David has already taken many!

We'll also figure out how to incorporate, or add, a few beer tastings into the calendar as well so look for those as well. *when we were kids we each had a child's sized Stein, from our three years in Hamburg, which was brought out at cocktail hour and filled with sugar water and a couple of drops of Martini - those were the days!

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