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What Wine?

Grill 'em, Stuff 'em,

Pair 'em, Eat 'em

(recipe down below)

Last night I tried to follow a recipe for a new, albeit simple, dish that I was pairing with lemon/garlic

grilled Halibut steaks while hosting esteemed extended family members for dinner.

Well, it turns out that following recipes isn't really my thing - which anybody who worked in Chem lab with me in college could surely have told you!

Oh well, I had a lot of fun bouncing back and forth, up and down, to and fro - talking all the while


Considering what wine we should really have had on hand for this meal.

Well, you may not be surprised that I have a suggestion for the peppers, which next time I'll make from memory - i.e. forget, tweak and hopefully improve!

My mind went to those hard to pronounce wines from the Basque are of Spain, Txakoli

(chok-oh-lee is close enough).

Txakoli Wines - Wiki

These dry crisp, vivacious and low alcohol wines generally have a very light effervescence to them and pair oh so well with seafood.

Consider the following three choices for an upcoming meal at your home - whether or not grilled/stuffed peppers are involved:

Jakue Taxolina, $13.50: Classic, lightly effervescent and crisp (but not as tangy as Sauvignon Blanc).

Uno Taxoli, $15: This is an unusual Txaoli (meaning "The Txakoli") in that it has no effervescence. It is also the most "mineral-like" of the three and should delight Sancerre lovers out there.

Jakue Taxolina Rosé, $16.50: A pink take on the same lovely white from Jakue with just a hint of red berry fruit accenting it's lively, refreshing nature.

- Hmm, who knew that preparation could help your cooking and meal pairings??

(sorry for the poor photo)

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